Update Nook vs Kindle Android Apps

When I first wrote my review of the two Android apps, I had ‘t used the Nook app  very much. In the last couple weeks, I’ve downloaded some free books, and gotten used to the Nook app a bit.

In my first review, I mentioned an issue with the app crashing when I turned pages. This may be an issue with my specific phone model (Huawei Ascend). Several other programs like to crash and freeze on me, when they don’t take forever to load. I did go into the settings for the Nook app, and turned off page animations. Haven’t had a problem with it crashing since.

Now that I’ve solved that problem, I don’t notice much difference between the two apps other than available content, and with the Nook app you can still see your notification bar at the top. The viewing of the bar can be turned on or off. I couldn’t find this option on the Kindle app. Since I have Twitter and Facebook sending me several notifications, I found it very annoying to have to exit my book to see who or what sent me a text message every time the alert went off.

As far as available content goes, Barnes and Noble (Nook) has many more free books that interest me than Amazon (Kindle). I found several novels in my favorite genre – Paranormal Romance. The book I am currently reading is part of a three book series by Nicky Charles. ALL THREE books are available for free. On Kindle, it’s usually just the first book in the series that is free. I understand why, and actually think it’s a great marketing idea, but as a reader who is broke, I appreciate being able to read everything in a series. The aforementioned series was published Smashwords.  I’ve seen this site mentioned by another favorite word peddler team – Ilona Andrews. Definitely a place I will have to check out further.

Neither the Nook nor the Kindle app have my local newspaper (the AJC) available to me. Amazon carried it, while Barnes and Noble doesn’t, but it’s not available in Android app format. This reflects on the AJC, not the bookstore sites, but it would have influence on my preference.

Overall, I can’t say I like one app over the other yet. I’m leaning towards the Nook though, only because I prefer the content available. Almost forgot to mention, when ordering a pre-release book, I suggest the Nook. Barnes and Noble is based in New York, Amazon in California. Both companies release their books at midnight – THEIR TIME. Meaning on the Kindle (Pacific time zone) you have to wait three more hours than if you’d ordered from the Nook (Eastern time zone).

Happy reading!

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